Love Beyond Boundaries…

This post is part of Blogchatter Half Marathon. As already mentioned in my earlier posts, the theme of this marathon is to introduce ourselves through the posts. I love poetry, but writing one is certainly not my cup of tea. Somehow, I’m never satisfied with the final outcome. Yet sometimes, I dabble with words and try to fit them in poetic form because with poetry, you can say more with less. So, here’s a poem today and the first time for my blog. It was an impromptu flow of words so its very special to me. For those who are experienced poets and reading this, I ask to be excused because it doesn’t really fall into any form/pattern. But what matters to me is the emotion that it holds and I hope I’m able to make you feel that too.

It was not love at first sight,
Because I didn’t see you and fall in love.
It was love at first sound,
For it was the voice that stirred the heart…   

As time passed…

Distance vanished, walls crumbled,
And before we knew, we were lost in each other…
We were years apart,
But did that matter to the heart?
Though it was surreal,
It was happening, we were clear.
And no matter how hard we tried,
We couldn’t let go for we were tied… 

It is the purest form of love,
For it is woven in respect and trust,
And because of this, today I know for sure,
Love comes not just in all sizes and shapes,
But at all ages too…. 

Image Courtesy: Michelle Leman, Pexels

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