Mothers are Beyond Competition

Are mothers focusing more on irrelevant issues and getting distracted from pertinent ones? What is important whether you are working or a SAH mom? Read on...

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Miles to Go…

Women's day comes and goes every year. We greet each other, celebrate and forget all about it until next year. Though women have come a long way, yet there's a lot more to achieve until we are completely empowered.

Set Them Free…

Children need to be free-- to play, to relax and unwind rather than hopping from one class to another, learning to be perfect. It's time we realize their needs rather than imposing our will...

Cheers to Another Beginning

As we step into another year, let's pray for peace and happiness. Let's do away with resolutions and treat each new day with positive thoughts and enthusiasm. After all, with each day, we lose one precious day from the calendar of our life


As long as women and girls don't feel safe and empowered, merely using the #MeToo hashtag has no meaning. We must strive to involve men and together root out violence and sexual assault against women at home and in public places. Let's work towards creating a safe world for our future generation of girls.

Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

A book that hits and provokes you into action. What do you do when your dream marriage turns into the worst nightmare in just a few days shattering your self respect and reducing you to his idealist version of a obedient wife? Will you stay on? Will you walk out?

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