Mothers are Beyond Competition

Are mothers focusing more on irrelevant issues and getting distracted from pertinent ones? What is important whether you are working or a SAH mom? Read on...


Admire The Rainbow In Our Sky

It's time we accept people from the LGBQT community as normal humans just like us. Scrapping Article 377 is not of much use until in practice things change. Until then, an entire community will continue to suffer in silence.

From Nunchi To Happiness

In today's world where misunderstanding rules the roost, where families are falling apart, thanks to communication gaps, nunchi can come to the rescue. It can help strengthen relationships and make solving problems in workplace easier. Read on to know more about this amazing Korean concept and start practicing it right away...

One Test And Multiple Lessons

Water crisis that plagued Chennai was awful, but it brought home some useful lessons. Read on to know what they are.

Trespassers (in my personal space) Will Be Prosecuted

I'm a huge believer and executor of the concept of "personal space". Most people who know me also know that if I'm uncomfortable, I won't be quiet. And whether it is family or friends, relationships for me are defined by boundaries and I don't take it too easily when someone trespasses. My husband and I … Continue reading Trespassers (in my personal space) Will Be Prosecuted

I Envy You…

While social media that brings us closer, it also breeds negative qualities within us. What are those and how do we get rid of them? Read on...

Book Review–Parliamental by Meghnad S.

Name: Parliamental Author: Meghnad S. Publisher: Harper Collins Year: 2019 pp. 193 About the author: Meghnad S.dons several hats. To begin with, he's a public policy professional who's spent almost 8 years in and out of the parliament, working with several MPs cutting across party lines. Not just that, he's an ex-LAMP who's addicted to … Continue reading Book Review–Parliamental by Meghnad S.

Before You Breathe by Tanushree Podder Publisher: Harper Collins, 2019 Genre: Thriller, Mystery Page Count: 245 pp. My Rating: 4.0/ 5 Set in the small, serene town of Ramsar (Uttarakhand, India), Before You Breathe takes you through a series of events that rock the sleepy town over a week. It begins with a break-in at … Continue reading

Pause, Rewind…

Good movies are much a thing of the past--a movie that taught us good values, that made us think, and that had happy endings without much fights and crimes in between. Can't such movies be made anymore? Do people not want to watch good movies with their families anymore?

(Is) Zero Physical Intimacy Okay In A Relationship?

As humans we all crave for love and affection. Contrary to popular belief lack of physical intimacy is common and is not a problem. If possible you can fix it, but it is not something that can be forced upon.

(Be) Yourself

In a relationship, being yourself may not be easy always. But it's better to be alone than in a relationship that is stifling and one-sided. Seek help, believe in yourself and find the right solution.