A Loving Tribute

A tribute to the person who worked in my household and inspired me to live life as it comes each day.

Behold the King Makers!!

Many women step down from successful professional lives to make way for their husbands. It's a difficult emotional choice that these "king makers" make. It's time we bring their stories to the fore and celebrate them. Behold and hail the King makers...Here they come!!

The Decade that Shrunk the World

The last decade saw a phenomenal increase in social interaction through the cyberspace. It shrunk the world no doubt, but also brought in a host of problems. What does the future hold in store?

Book Review: Thirteen Kinds of Love by Soumya Bhattacharya

Thirteen Kinds of Love explores the lives of families in an upscale apartment complex, Imperial Heights. It moves between their lives, their love, heartbreaks, trust and breach of trust, long distance relationships and how they ultimately come around, stronger and united.

Book Review– Yakshini by Neil D’Silva

Title: Yakshini Author: Neil D' Silva Publisher: Rupa pp.252 They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but if you are a voracious reader and a book cover catches your eye, you simply want to devour the book in no time. And that's exactly what happened with Yakshini. One look at the cover illustration … Continue reading Book Review– Yakshini by Neil D’Silva

Playground Politics

Is the playground teaching your child the right things or is it breeding the negative qualities? Be vigilant and take appropriate action at the right time. Here's what you can do...

‘Good News’ Is Possible Even When You Are In Your 70s

Pregnancy is not bound or limited by age, thanks to technology. Age is still a number when it comes to conceiving. But what about the risks involved? Is it worth the risk?

Admire The Rainbow In Our Sky

It's time we accept people from the LGBQT community as normal humans just like us. Scrapping Article 377 is not of much use until in practice things change. Until then, an entire community will continue to suffer in silence.

From Nunchi To Happiness

In today's world where misunderstanding rules the roost, where families are falling apart, thanks to communication gaps, nunchi can come to the rescue. It can help strengthen relationships and make solving problems in workplace easier. Read on to know more about this amazing Korean concept and start practicing it right away...

One Test And Multiple Lessons

Water crisis that plagued Chennai was awful, but it brought home some useful lessons. Read on to know what they are.