Mothers are Beyond Competition

Are mothers focusing more on irrelevant issues and getting distracted from pertinent ones? What is important whether you are working or a SAH mom? Read on...

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How Much is Too Much?

Are we thrusting too much into the lives of our children? So much so that they don't understand the value of money and relationships?'s about time to make that go. Don't succumb to peer pressure,; take the right steps in the right direction and teach children values instead. And yes! Stop feeling guilty for nothing...

Dare to be Different

Sometimes it's OK to be different; to stand out. If going with the crowd makes you uncomfortable, change your path, even if means going into the road less traveled. Ultimately, it's your happiness that counts. One life, One opportunity...grab it!!

A New Day, A Fresh Beginning

Mornings always bring to mind a new beginning, a fresh start. Whether you get up to birds chirping or an amazing view is not important. But what is important is to cultivate positive thoughts and start each day with renewed energy. once you can do that, each day is a blessing, a gift from above.

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