Living Or Mechanised?

Sometimes, I feel whether we behave mechanically or as humans when it comes to love?

The Lesson I learnt…But After My Mother’s Passing Away…

Women often tend to ignore their health until it's too late. When it takes a turn for the worst, no amount of help comes to her rescue. Finally, it's a traumatic time for the family. Stop, pause and listen to your body and the signals it gives out while there's still time.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling– The Shakuntala Devi Way

A woman's life is never easy--even if she is rich and successful. Every successful woman has a story of struggle where she broke the glass ceiling to get where she is. This post is inspired by the child prodigy and gifted mathematician, Shakuntala Devi.

Book Review–One Girl, Many Lives

Inspired by a single image, five authors collaborate to come up with a different story weaving them all together across a single theme. The events unfold in different places and in different periods, but in each, the muse is a girl running on a beach...get your copy and get ready to explore the multiple worlds of that 'One girl'.

Bend It Like…

Women don't need to 'fit in' in boxes that are uncomfortable. Sometimes in life, tough choices have to be made, irrespective of what the society thinks or says, so that you can be peaceful at the end of each day. Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, motivates us to do just that. It's time we bend it like her.

A Sneak Peek into the Life of Celebrities: The TikTok Way

At a time when the whole world is grappling in a crisis, celebrities are using short videos via TikTok as a tool for spreading messages of peace, awareness and hope.

Book Review: Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

Irrationally Passionate is for all. A straight out of the heart story, it transforms you with its lessons through the life of an aggressive, passionate and yet, extremely grounded entrepreneur, Jason Kothari. Grab a copy and get ready to be transported and to evolve all over again.

Let “Equality” Begin At Home

Equality among men and women is still work in progress and women are still way behind on that turf. But if we begin the "Equality Project" at home, it will do good for the future. Instead of passing the blame, let's get to some action!