Women’s Sports Deserves Attention Too

Women's sports does not get the attention it deserves which inhibits the women of younger generation to take up sports as a career. This needs to change. Merely wanting them to bring home gold from the Olympics is unfair unless we support them and their games right from the start. We must encourage them, motivate them, give them the facilities to train and more importantly watch them as they play. That way, in future, we can hope to see more promising women take up sports as a career and not leave it half way.

Lonely At The Top: Leaders And Mental Health #CauseAChatter#MentalHealth

Mental health is a serious issue that affects all without any discrimination. Yet, when it comes to leaders in any organization, we tend to ignore it. The achiever, workaholic, jetsetter, suffers in silence because by disclosing it, he/she could lose it all. Isn't it time we treat our leaders as human and give them the care they deserve?

LGBTQ And Mental Health: Hidden Truths and Possible Solutions

June is Pride month. A community that's shoved, cornered and pushed to the brink of suicide. It's time we understand the LGBTQ community and the mental health issues they face on daily basis instead of silencing their voices. They have the right to be heard too.

It’s Not “OK” To Be “NOT OK”–Revisiting Dear Zindagi– #CauseAChatter–#MentalHealth

May is Mental Health Awareness month. It becomes all the more important now to highlight the importance of mental health. It's not OK to be NOT OK. Talk to someone, seek help, reach out. It's more important than you can ever imagine. Bollywood movie, Dear Zindagi, brings up some important pointers towards mental health care. Read on, watch the movie and get inspired!

“Bombay Begums” Addresses The Elephant(s) In The Room #Cause A Chatter #Gender Talks

It is interesting to see that the new webseries on Netflix, Bombay Begums, instead of portraying women as a symbol of sacrifice shows them as how they truly are-- as a stepmother, a prostitute fighting to gain respect from society, a to-be mother accepting a promotion and a newbie fighting sexual assault at the workplace. It's time that the elephants in the room are brought out instead of shoving them under the carpet.

Gender (In)justice Does Not Depend Upon Upbringing Alone

It's no use blaming the family alone for injustice towards any gender, particularly women. It's the responsibility of the society as a whole, which includes us, to ensure that in future gender difference is eroded away. Instead of blaming the other, let's fight it out together!

Book Review: Jasmine Builds On Shifting Sands By Sanjay Desai

A breezy read, yet with lessons for life. Jasmine Builds On Shifting Sands by Sanjay Desai is not just the story of Jasmine but of all those who try, have fallen and given up. With micro-learning lessons for readers, this is a self-help book like no other. Readers can get on a parallel journey along with Jasmine to overcome challenges in their life and emerge successful.

Is Your Man Asexual?

While we talk of marital rape, we don't realize that there is something equally worse at the other end of the spectrum-- lack of sex in a marriage. How does the spouse, specially a woman feel about being married to an asexual person? What are her options towards physical satisfaction? Is divorce or separation on these grounds possible?

Elimination of Violence Against Women– An Everyday Cause We Must Fight For

November 25th of every year has been earmarked by the UN for 'Elimination of Violence Against Women'. If we help one women-a neighbour, a friend, a family member or even our house help to walk out of the abusive relationship they live in, we really don't need a special day for the protection of women's rights. Are you ready to fight for a world where women can walk free and safe?

The Real Offering for Dussera

This Dussehra let's promise ourselves that we will not allow women to suffer in silence but rather offer any help possible. That's the true offering to goddess.