A Year Of Advocating Gender Equality: Why Do I Choose To Do That?

As far as the arena of gender goes, we have miles to go....but the journey has begun. We have made people sit and take notice and we are not afraid anymore. And that is IMPORTANT. I'm glad that I'm raising my voice because for me--gender matters!!

MotherHood Vs. Career: Is There Need To Make A Choice?

Thousands of women in India and across the globe are questioned about their decisions to have a child while being employed. It is as if you have a make a choice whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or raise a child. Apparently, you can't do both!!

“Bombay Begums” Addresses The Elephant(s) In The Room #Cause A Chatter #Gender Talks

It is interesting to see that the new webseries on Netflix, Bombay Begums, instead of portraying women as a symbol of sacrifice shows them as how they truly are-- as a stepmother, a prostitute fighting to gain respect from society, a to-be mother accepting a promotion and a newbie fighting sexual assault at the workplace. It's time that the elephants in the room are brought out instead of shoving them under the carpet.

Gender (In)justice Does Not Depend Upon Upbringing Alone

It's no use blaming the family alone for injustice towards any gender, particularly women. It's the responsibility of the society as a whole, which includes us, to ensure that in future gender difference is eroded away. Instead of blaming the other, let's fight it out together!