Free Or Bound?

It is that time of the year when patriotism runs high among all of us in India. The national flag is unfurled, children are busy working on projects around the theme of independence and for all adults it is another holiday meant to relax. How many of us spend some time to think about the significance of this very special day or what it means to be independent?

Motherhood: Take It Easy…

Motherhood is a wonderful journey that needs to be enjoyed at every step, not a process that needs to be followed in a certain way. It's time we stop putting ourselves and our children under pressure to excel....It's time to savor each moment.

MotherHood Vs. Career: Is There Need To Make A Choice?

Thousands of women in India and across the globe are questioned about their decisions to have a child while being employed. It is as if you have a make a choice whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or raise a child. Apparently, you can't do both!!

Stop Fixing Others; Say No To Body Shaming

Body shaming can appear very casual, but has a deep-rooted impact on the victim. Its time we stop fixing others and start accepting "different" as "normal". We still have a long way to get there.

Homemakers Deserve Respect Too

Managing a home also requires planning, multitasking and organization skills-- why doesn't it get the respect it deserves? Isn't it time we thought a little deeper on this and stop questioning those qualified women who decide to be homemakers instead of CEOs? Their sacrifices and contribution needs to talked and written about more so that housewives need not feel awkward about introducing themselves in public.

Letting Go Of Comparison– The Need To Be More Compassionate Towards Self

It's time we let go of comparison with others and look inwards. Perfectionism is over-hyped. Don't try to fit yourself in other's shoes; be your own self and try to improve yourself every day. That's the way to happiness. Agree?

Women’s Sports Deserves Attention Too

Women's sports does not get the attention it deserves which inhibits the women of younger generation to take up sports as a career. This needs to change. Merely wanting them to bring home gold from the Olympics is unfair unless we support them and their games right from the start. We must encourage them, motivate them, give them the facilities to train and more importantly watch them as they play. That way, in future, we can hope to see more promising women take up sports as a career and not leave it half way.