Pause and Think–You Might Continue to Live

In moments of despair, when the road ahead is dark, pause and think of that one reason that might persuade you to live. One reason that will give a meaning to your life, give strength to your tired soul and help you move on.


Pillion Riding Memories

Technology has deprived us of simple pleasures in life like pillion riding to be with friends on an adventure camp. We are left with memories of days gone by...never to return!!

Don’t Go Away

Depression is a sensitive issue and needs to be handled with care. Despite awareness around the issue more and more people are committing suicide to escape from it. Let us be alert and offer a helping hand to our loved ones when they need it most.

The Little World I Inhabit

Sometimes, it is a good idea to sit alone and observe the world around you in motion. It's relaxing, rejuvenating and stress-relieving too. Try it sometime when you wish to unwind.

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