Book Review: Eco-Baby Care And Green Parenting

All That You Need to Know About Eco Baby Care And Green Parenting by Pratibha (An Honest Book Review)

In a technology-driven world, parenting is not easy. Most new mothers are bewildered by the options and information available at their fingertips. But the big question is, what’s right and safe for their little one?

Pratibha is a mother of twin boys and from her writing it is very clear that she is not just concerned about having a chemical-free life for her kids, but is equally conscientious about the carbon footprint on earth. With this in mind, her book, Eco Baby Care and Green Parenting,  focuses on the idea of green parenting,  a concept that many new parents may not be aware of. A nagging question that bothers most modern-day parents is the extensive use of chemicals in various baby products and how to avoid them. Most of them may have the awareness, thanks to social media, but still may have incomplete knowledge. They may not know how to read the labels, what to look for and what to avoid. To all these parents, Pratibha’s book comes as a handy reckoner. She lists out products to use and to avoid, how to read labels, what chemicals constitute baby products and what new mums must be wary of. Not just that, she lists out chemical-free alternatives and lists out names of brands that are trustworthy. From ubtans to grooming products, to food and detergents, you name it and she has a list of options to choose from. In fact, she even talks about eco-friendly toys.

So, the next time you head to a store to buy baby products or wish to gift a new mom, try these eco-friendly products. Pratibha warns that these are expensive, but when it comes to our little bundle of joy, are we ready to compromise? The answer is with you…

The e-book uses very simple and crisp language and doesn’t deviate from the target. Another thing that struck me about the book is the brevity. It doesn’t go on and on about a certain product and distract you from the main point. The only flaw that I could perhaps think of is that the list of products that she endorses is few for each item; perhaps she could have listed more. Another point perhaps is some very minor editorial errors (I’m an editor by profession, so finding editorial errors has simply stuck on to me!! ) But then, these errors fade out when you think about the huge burden that Pratibha is lifting off our shoulders—that of running to Google for every single baby product that you may need to look for organic alternatives. As a mother of a little one myself, I feel that this book is worth for all those who are seriously interested to go green, even when it comes to baby products.

This book review is part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program. Hope you enjoy reading the book. In case you enjoyed it, do leave a comment/reply.

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