A Costume that Hogged the Limelight

I was not really planning to write this one until I read the morning paper. Apparently our superstar (is she?) Priyanka Chopra met our honorable Prime Minister in Berlin recently. What was the urgency? Were they discussing important national issdiscussionues, farmer’s plight, GST? Wait…people are not questioning that. What they are more interested in is the costume she chose for such an important occasion.  And there are trolls and articles arguing and counter-arguing whether the dress was appropriate, the hemline, neckline and more. But my question still is–why did she even meet the PM? There is no coverage on that. Just a photo of the two with a caption.

Coming to the next point, we all know that when celebrities step out of their house, they take care to dress People debatingup because they are aware of the paparazzi following them. And for an important occasion such as meeting a dignitary, I’m sure they plan much in advance. And Priyanka being an Indian, most people expected her to dress up in ethnic wear when she was meeting the Indian PM. Is there something wrong to expect this? Maybe she has now reached the shores of Hollywood, but does that make her less Indian? And that the reporter in the morning paper I read compared her to Michelle Obama, Indra Nooyi and others was simply outrageous! Is she in line with them?

What outraged me was Priyanka’s reaction to comments from people where she says that these are people sitting at home without any achievements, so she doesn’t need to bother about them. Well…one must remind her that the same people sitting at hoaudienceme without any achievements to brag about are the ones that made her a celebrity–these are the people that go to watch her movies. An artist becomes a celebrity ONLY because of common people. If I write and no one reads my work, is my hard work of any use? Isn’t it the same with film stars? And maybe someone should also remind her that this celebrity status like everything else in life is temporary too. I think she needs a lesson or two in humility, if not anything else.

I wonder why Indians are obsessed with the West.  And if you utter a word about anyone’s dress, especially of a woman, feminists come hounding. I personally have no problem with following a Western dress code, but I suppose I will decide what to wear based on the occasion. If its a party or an awards function, gowns are welcome, but meeting an Indian dignitary certainly demands better judgement in terms of the choice of clothes.

Anyway, all said and done, will someone tell me what Priyanka and our honorable PM discussed about? This is still under wraps…I’m curious 🙂



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