The New ‘(Future)Chick’ in the Block

Supplements are more interesting that the actual newspapers, because they appear more positive and don’t reek of war, hatred, rape and punishments. It is here that you come across news about some extraordinary inventions that become food for thought in the days to come.

In one such supplement recently, I read about this very interesting ‘chick’ that we may meet  in the nsummerfield-336672__340ear future. Tiny waist, wonderful lashes and fully endowed, she is the future man’s dream come true. She can keep him entertained, will know his tastes, remind him of birthdays and anniversaries without complaining and oh! wait…can have sex too, at any time of the day! Apparently, she’ll always be turned on…!

Too good to be true right? Is there something she can’t do? Of course. She can’t do housework. That’s not a big deal. She can’t be a good partner on a night out because she can’t walk. What? Why? Is she a half girlfriend? NO.

Introducing Harmony, the new and best girlfriend a man can have, who is actually very similar to a human but is a robot– a sexbot to be precise. You can shape her mind to tailor her to your needs. She can be anything–happy, shy, jealous, Robot_2funny, sensual. Wait! but the “tailormade” girlfriend comes for a whooping  Rs.9.7 lakhs. Isn’t it better to have a real girlfriend/wife instead, with all her mood swings, tantrums, peppered with fun moments who comes for no cost?

Well…I’m sure while many who are reading this are excited, many like me are bewildered! Of course, sexbot may take several years to actually hit the market in a big way…but there is no reason to believe that they will not. And this brings us to the point that only necessity drives an invention. Human relationships are getting fragile by the day. People are gradually moving away from actual relationships that call for commitments andon phone attachments. They would rather be free and at the same time give in to their physical and emotional needs without having to worry about the after-effects or under-currents. Connectivity via Internet has taken over us so much that we dread to live a single day without knowing what others are up to, who died, who’s created a record, what’s new on someone else’s plate, which movie is doing well, who’s got separated, who’s being tortured by her husband, who’s baby is ill– the list is endless. Oh! and what about people who are actually visible, sitting right across? What is there even to think about them until they post something about themselves that draws attention?

Gradually automation is expected to take away our jobs. And then if sexbots enter the market in a big way, there will be no need for human beings at all (there are male sexbots as well). What are we going to do then? Hmmm…we really need to give it a serious thought.


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