Girlfriend Minus Frills

This is a true story of a friend and I am sharing this with her permission on condition of anonymity.  Hence for obvious reasons, the names have been changed.

Sarthak and Janani live in the same apartment albeit in different blocks. Theirs is a unique story. Sarthak is married to his girlfriend for the past year and half and Janani is from Mumbai, married for 5 years and now has a toddler. It all began because their paths crossed everyday– Sarthak would go to office on a bike and Janani would drop her toddler off at the playschool at the same time. It was Sarthak who found Janani interesting (for reasons unknown) and came exactly at the same time everyday, just to catch a glimpse of her. Janani was not aware of this until a few months later when she noticed the same pair of eyes watching her everyday.

Sarthak was tall and handsome and Janani found him good looking. She had seen him a couple of times with a girl who she assumed was his girlfriend. Sarthak used to think that Janani was dropping off her sister’s kid to school. The best part was, both were married and yet assumed that the other was not. 🙂coffee_1

Sarthak never found the guts to talk to Janani until his birthday when he offered Janani and her son a chocolate each. Janani found this outrageous, but kept quiet. This was a turning point when both started talking to each other and this gradually developed into a sort of friendship in a couple of weeks. It was only later that they both realized that they were married and were quite happy at that; this meant that their relationship (if it was any) can move on without any commitments and strings attached. It was strange how they loved to talk to each other about everything and still never felt bad that there was no commitment.

When Janani mentioned about this to me I was shocked and wondered how this could even be possible. Janani was very cool about it. She merely said,  “Every relationship between a boy and a girl need not end in marriage. We are happy whenever we get time to talk and be with each other. Sometimes, we may not meet for months together. But since there is no commitment, there is no expectation.”

“It was tough for me in the beginning,” recalls Janani, “but with time, I adapted.  There were times when I would think I’m doing wrong; I have tried going away from him many times. But every time, he has pulled me back. Then I realized that destiny wants us to be together. It now seems we have known each other through several births. Here is a guy who loves me, would be there for me when I need him, but will never be my husband. I don’t need one too, because I am happily married. Sounds complicated right? But that’s how it is. More than a friend, but less than a boyfriend. Why don’t you try? Its an amazing relationship.”forever-771012__340

For Janani it works well because even Sarthak shares the same opinion about the relationship they are in. Both have spouses who love them and have well- settled families which they don’t wish to hijack at any cost. In this sense, it is not even an extra-marital affair. It’s a friendship with an extended boundary; a boundary where both the partners find, peace, happiness, support and solace.  I too feel happy for them and wish that they stay together this way forever. God bless this wonderful couple and their relationship. I hope no one rocks their boat ever.

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #Halfgirfriend”.

I am waiting to watch the movie when it releases to know how different or similar it is to the story of my dear friend. For now, enjoy the trailer just as I did and wait until May 19th for the curtain to finally rise.


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