Getting Nostalgic

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 18

With technology taking over every aspect of our lives and bringing in automation, we tend to get nostalgic and press the rewind button often. Particularly, when our children ask for something which we want to refuse, we immediately switch on to, “when we were small….” mode. Many children and teenagers today are irked by this behavior of ours and I have often hear then saying, “mom…please! not again.”

The other day, when my son refused to wear a dress that I had chosen for him for an outing, I immediately blurted out, “when we were young, we never had options. Our mom never used to buy so many clothes in a year and so we had to be satisfied with the little that was available. But look at you! You have tons and that’s why you have the privilege of choosing and even saying no.” Of course, my son who was used to this and more didn’t seem to get fluxed at all and continued with his tantrums and this time even louder. At this point his dad chipped in, “Oh yes…not just the clothes, even school supplies were limited at our house. My mom never encouraged buying more stationery or bags or other school supplies. And yes, we always walked to school, chatting with friends and never complained. Actually those were happy days, weren’t they? We had time for each other, we could play outside with friends, we were safe and we had no technology to distract us or make us unwell.” Indeed. What he said was so true. playing outsideSometimes, I really wonder if it is really possible to get back those days again. They say life comes a full circle. What goes up, comes down. So, do we have some hope?


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