Pillion Riding Memories

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 17

I am not a traveller, though I like to travel. Sounds wierd, right? Well, the truth is, I long to travelling and discover new places, meet new people but I have not really had the opportunity nor the company to explore as much as I would want to. So, today’s prompt is a difficult one for m to write on.

The only possible road trip that I can write about and not to well though, is a journey to Dhauj (In Haryana, India) from New Delhi (Capital city of India). I was a member of the mountaineering club in my college days and was not too keen to go on a rock climbing program that the club had organized. But when a friend was going the next day on a bike and offered to take me along if I wished to accompany, I could not resist my temptation to say no.

I quickly packed in a few essentials and at about noon we started off. If our estimation was right, we would be at our destination before dark. Driving on a bike can be fun, if it for a couple of hours, but not when it is long drive and that too on a road that is bumpy and uneven. It started off quite well; we stopped over for a quick lunch and took off again as we didn’t want to waste time and reach early. Those days, no one had google maps and smartphones. So we had to check the paper map before to ensure that we know our route well. Of course there were people on the way that could help, but other than that we had to rely completely on memory. And being really bad with directions, I cannot really guide you back to the place. 🙂 However, we did reach in the evening at the expected time to join our fellow rock climbers.

The journey was quite and adventure and driving for several kilometers at a stretch on a rough path had its impact on the spine for a couple of days. But being young as we were those days, we didn’t seem to mind at all. All that was important was being with friends amidst nature. Everything else was secondary. I wonder if we will ever get back those lovely days of adventure with good pals, moments of laughter, teasing and fun. Technology has taken away all the little joys in our lives that cannot be re-lived now.


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