Don’t Suffer in Silence–Come Out and Seek Help

#Everyday Inspiration: Days 15 and 16:

I am combining the two days to create one single, albeit long post. It has what the assignment in two days demand. While it is a quote that I want to talk about, it also involves in going back to a post I wrote this past week.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”

J.R.R. Tolkein, The Fellowship of the Ring

This weekend too ended with the news of the death by unnatural means of a friend. She was not a close friend, but was nevertheless a batch-mate and hostel mate for 3 years. In 3 years, almost all the people you spend time with day in and day out become part of an extended family, so much so that if anything untoward happens, memories could rushing to haunt and you are numbed by the thought.

Last weekend, I got to know of an ex-colleague who had decided that it was no use continuing to live and had more hope in peace after death. And both these cases bring to fore the topic that we are relentlessly drumming about in social media. DEPRESSION. It can be because of anything– failure in life, marital discord, low scores in examination, physical and mental abuse, low self esteem and more. In some cases, wherDepression 4e the person has support from family and close friends, coming out of a dim situation is possible. But when the person has no where to go, where every direction seems to have a dead end, giving up life is probably the only and last option left. And here as Tolkein rightly points out, is a person who loses faith because the road ahead is dark and groping is no longer viable.

Let us not belittle the ones who chose to end their lives. It requires a lot of determination, thinking, planning and guts to give up one’s life. And because we all love ourselves, causing physical pain to end a long struggle with the mind is not easy. But it also means that the situation that one is in is no longer endurable and therefore self-inflicted pain for one last time that can bring the curtain down is perhaps, easy.

Today, incidentally I happened to read an article about an App that can help overcome depression and possibly suicidal tendencies in people. When people have no where to go, no one to talk to, perhaps talking to an app is not a bad idea. At least the app will not judge you, willon phone not assassinate your character, will do no shaming or raise a finger at your upbringing like humans and therefore worth a try. Technology has brought in comforts, indulgence and automation, but alas! not happiness. There is no end to physical and mental abuse…can an app prevent that?

I strongly call out for support from parents, immediate family members and friends. Most of the times, in the Indian context, a woman undergoing marital discord is asked to adjust because of fear of backlash from relatives if news spreads. This is women chattingan attitude that must go. Early intervention might be very useful. If need be a therapist can be consulted to further understand and solve the problem rather than simply shove it under the carpet. Parents and siblings are the first ones who can notice signs of strain; please don’t ignore it. We can save precious lives if only we can act practically and at the right time. It is no taboo to visit a therapist who can assist effectively.

Most celebrities have come out in the open about dealing with depression and how medical intervention helped. It is sad to imagine that a sibling, daughter, neighbor or friend is suffering in silence and we are not able to offer a helping hand or  a helpshoulder to cry while amends can be made. Some of them, including my friend had small children, who are going to live with the pain and suffering for a very long time, simply because of a mistake that their parents made.

Let us pledge to spread awareness about depression and tell everyone to seek help. A big shout out to those who are reading this and are  battling depression right now–you are not alone. Please speak out to someone you trust in and come out with it. Every problem has a solution. Low scores are not the end of the world; walk out of an abusive relationship; failures are the stepping stones to success, never give up trying. Don’t lose hope; seek help from suicide prevention and depression helplines to begin with. The road ahead may be dark; call someone to shed some light to show you the way out of darkness. Don’t suffer alone, PLEASE!!!


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