The Power of Giving–A Day Well Spent

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 14

Every day brings with it new challenges and if you are careful enough, you can learn something each day. I have promised myself to get up each morning with a positive thought thvolunteer-1326758__340at I’m going to make the best of the day and think and be positive throughout. Right now, I have to make a conscious effort each day to bring in positive thoughts and keep my mind off useless distractions, but I’m sure soon, positivism ¬†will soon come floating automatically.

Today was one such normal day; cooking cleaning, sending son off to school, sitting at the altar to thank God for things going well so far…and at this point the doorbell rang. To my surprise, I found a lady with a very sweet smile accompanied by a little girl. Only then I remembered that I had promised to give away my son’s tricycle to this little girl’s baby brother. After a small conversation, when I brought the cycle out, I could see the twinkle in the little girl’s eyes. Perhaps she was able to imagine the joy her brother will have when he sees the cycle. I refused smileto accept money for the cycle because I had already made a little girl happy and that was more than any happiness that money could buy. As she walked away with the cycle, I felt that giving has so much power to transform. It makes you humble; you realize that you brought a smile to someone’s face and that is what life is about. If you can make one person happy a day, then your day is well spent. Sometimes, we look for big things in life and overlook these simple pleasures. The pleasure that this simple act gave me, made the rest of my day seem light and filled with happiness. Nothing extra ordinary happened after this, but even routine work seemed less of a burden. That’s the weight of a small gesture of kindness.


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