Don’t Go Away

# Everyday Inspiration: Day 12:

Recently I heard that an ex-colleague of mine has committed suicide. He was young, shy, and not someone who you would expect could do such a thing. But if he had the courage to take the extreme step, I’m sure he had his reasons. Maybe dying for him was a saner option that being alive and depressed (for whatever reasons). But what is more unfortunate is, he leaves behind his wife with an infant. When I think of her, I wonder how she would’ve taken it.

Depression 3There is whole lot of discussion now about depression and ways to cope with it. More and more young adults and teenagers are succumbing to it. Despite a number of resources available to contact and reach out, the desperation to end one’s life seems to be an easier way out rather than living a miserable life. Why are people failing? What could be the possible reasons for extreme depression that calls for extreme solutions? Is it because our wants have increased but not the means to achieve them? I is it because  it is easier to buy and extremely difficult to pay? You can indulge but you cannot own. Technology, in the end is possibly the main culprit. It has given us so much, yet taken away more than what it has offered. Simple living, austerity, healthy lifestyle, stress-free mind all seem to be a thing of the past. We are now finding newer ways to security and automation but have lost peace of mind. Depression doesn’t show up in a day. It takes months and sometimes years to build up. And yet, we seldom notice it even when it attacks a close friend, a neighbor or a relative. And by the time we realize, it is almost always too late. Depression 1

With so much awareness about the causes and prevention, there is still a stigma attached to it. People look at it as if it is an illness and shove it under the carpet. A shout out to all those who might be suspicious of harboring any signs of depression to please come out and meet a therapist. Life is too precious to be given up. Every problem has a solution. Until you explore all options, don’t lose hope. Speak to someone you trust and let go of the inhibitions. There are many who love you and will stand by you. But you need to take the first step.


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