Brewing Coffee with Emotions

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 11

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you how upset I am. Sometimes, out of the blue life throws an opportunity at us, but situations force us to say no. OK….I will take life as it comes and it is easy to say that, but I am not happy that I am so close to doing something I want to, but just unable to reach it.

OK….sorry for spoiling your mood too…but you see, right now all I want is a shoulder to lean on; someone to tell me that it’s fine. Sometimes opportunities do knock twice. Does it? Please say yes. Everyday we read stories of people taking risks, sometimes by rebelling an authority and get inspired. But when a similar opportunity comes calling, why do we think so much? Sometimes, I really feel that being single is such a blessing. You can do what you want with little or no interference and there are no attachments to worry about. Life is easier, problems are minimal and solvable. But when a spouse enters your space, you make sacrifices, stack away your dreams and desires and simply accept hoping that the best is yet to come. Sometimes you dream with open eyes and when you are there, you are forced to say no, much against your wishes. All your friends wonder how you, of all the people, have become so subservient…and all you can do is mutter some excuses knowing very well that those don’t hold good at all.

OK…forget it…I don’t want to dwell on it. Since I have made up my mind not to rebel but to flow with the tide, why should I complain? But hey! thanks for stopping by and yes…please do come in for coffee next weekend too. I promise, I’ll be cheerful and will not bore you with my sop stories. Until then, wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.


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