The Little World I Inhabit

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 10

The very purpose of choosing to live in a gated community is to be surrounded by action at all times. And by actions I mean, people, their interactions, events, celebratiwomen chattingons, gossip, fun, meeting like-minded people and more. As I sit in one of the benches this evening, I know that I have made the right choice.

Today, I choose not to talk to passers by, but just sit quiet and observe. This is something I have never consciously done in the last 7 years that I have been here. As I watch quietly on a very hot summer evening, many people have decided to spend outdoor today. I’m not sure if this happens everyday because I am so engrossed in my own world that I rarely pause to take note. Perhaps,  because it is pleasant outside with a mild wind blowing after the setting of the scorching sun, many women chatting_1people are out for a stroll or are simply catching up with friends and complaining how the temperature has soared so early in summer. Children are running around; some are playing badminton or football, others simply running around while mothers are busy chatting. Everyone seems to be happy simply to be outside. There are some old couples too, occupying the benches and talking in whispers. And  oh! some boys sitting alone, talking over  the phone endlessly. old coupleAt the other side are some fathers on the phone too (attending to some important official calls) apparently supervising their children who are busy with their own friends. Aunties are talking about how times have changed and as usual talking about their favorite subject, “my daughter-in-law”.

on phoneWhile I sit and watch them all, some of my friends who are out for a walk, pass by and say hello, wondering why I am sitting alone. Some ask, some make their own assumptions. I am in no mood to explain because I am in  a state of bliss–observing the world (albeit a small part of it) in motion. I am so glad I decided to choose this place and time and as I walk back, I think I should do this more often. Sometimes, it is good idea to leave everything and simply observe–its rejuvenating. Do try it when you get the time.



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