The Speaking Mind

#Everyday Inspiration: Day: 8

Dear Diary,

No matter how much we protest and struggle, or rejoice and celebrate, women empowerment has still not reached the level that we want it to. We are unsafe, harassed, abused, raped, battered and thrown away every day. While some are reported, others go unnoticed. And even in those cases which do manage to get noticed, the attention is short-lived. After perhaps a few days of intense reporting, when something else becomes an eye grabber, this poor piece of follow up gets relegated to a corner first and then to some inner space, until it finally escapes from vision and from memory too.women

If this is the truth, then why do we even bother to rise up against patriarchy? Is it because we feel its our responsibility to raise a voice against oppression? Or is it merely to seek attention and to tell “them” that we exist too. We may be quiet, but if we are ruffled, we will not simply watch. Whether we are heard or silenced, we will continue until we reach a level where we matter. And very soon it will…

Your’s (with hopes held high),



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