…And When I’m Not Writing

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 9

I found my calling rather late. For a very long time, I have been an editor, correcting and altering other people’s sentences to make it readable. I’ve enjoyed doing that; making people’s voeditorices reach the target audience. And then I took a break from professional life to concentrate on my personal life. When it was time to go back to the desk, I asked myself: Do I want to go back to where I was, or should I walk a different road? After much thought and of course, prodding and nudging from friends and family I took to writing for the first time. And boy! it was rejuvenating to say the least. Finally I had found what I wanted and thanked myself for choosing the unknown. Had I not taken that “much-needed” break, I would still be sitting with manuscripts editing them. So, a break is always an eye-opener of sorts.

Even today, I am not a full-time/professional writer. I write because it gives me a space and voice of my own. It allows me to reach a wider audience and state an opinion that librarymay be supported/opposed but nonetheless, voiced. And that is important. So, for that to happen, I read when I’m not writing, because that it what triggers the mind to respond. And when I’m doing neither, I spend all the time with my toddler, watching a new generation grow. mother and sonHis reactions to situations are way different than mine and that adds a new perspective to looking at things. If I had more than the usual number of hours in a day, I would cuddle up in a corner and write, write and write, unless someone brings me back to reality. After all, spending long hours at the desk is not feasible every day, isn’t it?


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  1. I agree with you that we should take a break sometimes. It really opens up our eyes or in another words, opens up new perspective. And I’m really happy for you that you have found your way towards your passion. Most of the people around us are still stuck between 9to5 not realizing what they want 🙂


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