I’m a Pro at Crastination

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 7:

Procrastination…hmmm…the very fact that I am writing this post 23 hours after I got the mail says enough about me, right? Every new year, yes! every single new year, whether or not I make resolutions about anything else, I definitely make up my mind that at least that year I will try my best to finish my tasks on time. But you procrastination_2know where I stand 🙂

I’m not sure whether procrastination kills creativity or not, but it definitely messes up big time. I have enough experiences to prove that. I’ve submitted forms in the last minute only to realize that I’ve forgotten to attach important documents; not studying in time for exams can wreck havoc in the lives of students, especially if you’re in a higher class. I’ve always been late for functions (often being embarrassed), submitted assignments late with the result of having a pile to attend to in the last minute….I can go on and on. But I still wonder why I am not able to work around this habit of mine, which procrastination_3 jpghas given me enough pain and tormenting memories. But for some strange reason, I’m still at the starting point–haven’t budged an inch.

Recently, I came across this bestselling book, Eat Your Frog and I’m planning to lay my hands on it. I am hopeful that it can help me get rid of a habit that has almost become my second nature.

To anyone who’s reading this, if you have tips and techniques to overcome procrastination that you have personally tried or know of someone who has benefited from it, please do pass it on. I’m desperately in need of it.


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