A Space for Thoughts to Flow

# Everyday Inspiration: Day 6:

Where do I write? Hmmm….I never thought someone would ask me this. In fact, I never even thought that you need a dedicated space everyday to write your thoughts. Of course, if you are employed, have deadlines and are asked to write on certain specified topics, you need that space where you can collect your thoughts and put them down.

For me, when I blog, without being prompted, I can start off anywhere– on the sofa, in the bedroom, sometimes I even jot down interesting lines while on the go. The best part is, when I go to bed at night, I unconsciously think about what I want to write, maybe thwriting_2e next day and the best lines/thoughts come to me at that time. Many a times, I have been tempted to get up and make notes immediately, but laziness took the better of me every such time. And by morning, I have been disappointed to realize that I am not able to recollect them back in the same way that I would want them to. At such times, I have always felt that I should be more organized; perhaps I must allocate a certain time and place for ideas to flow. Though I have never tried that, I’m sure that must help a lot too.

According twriting_4o me most writers are spontaneous. When they see something that ignites a thought, the words simply flow. And such words are often profound and lasting; they liberate the mind. Sometimes you may spend hours thinking but may not be able to write anything worth reading while at other times, in a few minutes, you can create a masterpiece. And that for me is true writing–something that comes from the soul and not just from the pen/keyboard.

If you feel the same way as I do, drop in your comments. Oh yes! you can visit my contact page and suggest some interesting topics that you want me to write on. Perhaps that could give me some interesting lead to start off. Waiting for your comments/suggestions.


2 thoughts on “A Space for Thoughts to Flow

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  1. I second you. I have been procrastinator for whole life. Being a short-worded person, the ideas for writing were spontaneous always.So there was no requirement of a special place to write down. However, I do need solitude.
    I think that s what every writer needs.


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