Face the Consequences

Don’t fear God, fear Karma.

God may forgive, But Karma doesn’t

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 5:

We live in an era where shortcut holds the key; where everyone is impatient. Everyone wants to reach the top without hard work. Where does this lead to in the end? Stress, ill health and broken relationships. These are the most talked about topics and yet these are the topics most googled.

In an effort to touch the sky, somewhere along the way, we have lost our values. Obviously if success has to be achieved in the shortest possible time, it has to be the wrong way. Cheating, lying, killing, back-stabbing are not big words anymore. These have become daily experiences. If you happen to work in a corporate world, you will understand what exactly I’m taking about. All the values that our parents struggled to ingrain in us have almost evaporated into thin air. If I don’t like someone, I will not hesitate to get him out of my way, no matter what price I have to pay. And the best thing is, I don’t care.

On the other side of it, tolerance has gone done drastically. No one wants to tolerate anyone who’s different, whether it is color of the skin, religion, race, language. If you don’t fall in line, you simply must be ready to go, anytime.

At this crucial juncture that we stand in, we need to remember that no one is above the law of Karma. It simply means, as you sow, so shall you reap. If you do good, you are saved. If not, Karma makes sure you pay the price of every single wrongdoing. So next time, you plot against someone, remember, God may forgive you. But Karma is watching and will follow you to the end of this world to punish.

So, stop and think before you take the giant leap.



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