Dare to Differ…

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 4:

It’s not easy to be different, especially in a crowd. When everyone is following a certain path, it requires guts to make a detour. But sometimes, it is necessary. It could be a mistake; but it’s your decision and you are following your heart which makes it more special.

Most often we dream the impossible and for many it may not blive-your-dreame possible to achieve it. But there is no harm in trying, At least you can be satisfied that you tried and failed rather than feeling guilty of not trying at all.  Destiny has a role to play in everything that happens in our life, but at a human level the least bit we can do is to try.

So next time, you come to the crossroads and are
sure about a different road to move towards, rather than simply following others, make the move. Be brave, dare to differ! Successful people often attribute their success to travelling the road not taken and beating rough weather to make it big.

It’s about time to write your success story. What are you waiting for? One, two, three…take the plunge!


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