My Home–Until Death Do Us Part

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 3:

I’ve entered the fourth day of writing based on ideas given to me and boy! am I enjoying it! Today’s inspiration is a prompt –a single word and of all the choices offered, ‘Home’ is what appealed to me. I’m surprised…what is it in the simple word,” home” that I might want to write on? Let’s see how it goes.

As a child, I never  understood the real value of home because I guess, I took it for granted. I had a loving family, affectionate siblings, financial security and life seemed perfect from my eyes as a little one. No matter how old I grow, my home is still the most favorite place in the world for me. After all that’s the place that has seen me cry, laugh, f
Home_1ight with sisters, patch up, argue with parents, heartbreak….it has consoled me and been with me through thick and thin. I would simply not want to part with it for anything else in the world.. During family functions, it comes alive with voices from all over and at other times, it can be as quite as death.

When I had to go away from home for higher education, I missed every bit of it; the love, the security, the safety and the warmth that it offered. I always longed to go back to simply lounge around and be me. No matter how many friends  or all the fun  I had, nothing could match up to the safety of being at home at the end of a long,tiring day. A place where nothing can ever go wrong!

When I got married, I had to move in to a new ‘home’, my husband’s. It took me a long time to accept that this is my home too. However much love I received here, I still missed the home where I was born and raised and waited eagerly for summer months when I would rush back to it. Here was a place where all my problems would simply melt away.

When I sit back and look at things around me, I know our lives are transient; we must soon go leaving everything behind. But I secretly wish that I get to enjoy the last moments of my life at “my home”, laughing away and slipping into the next world, unknown, suddenly.

Today and forever, this is what I want to tell my little haven–

Dear home,
I’m happy to have you and to hold on to you
for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish, And i want to be with you
till death us do part…. 


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