How I Wish!

# Everyday Inspiration: Day 2:

As I am never a ‘compiling and following a list’ person. I do wish and have made several “to-do” lists when I was employed full time and tried my best to finish off everything before I called it a day. But those days are long past. Now, I can never sit down to make lists and even if I compel myself to make one, I can never ever follow them. Sometimes, i wonder why? Or if there are more like me. I guess it has something to do with my innate nature, I want to live life as it comes rather than know before hand what I need to do list

So, today when I have been asked to draw up a  list, I am forced to do something I might normally not want to do. But if indeed I had to chalk out one it would look something similar to the one below.

My Secret Wishlist (that’s a secret no more):

If wishes were horses, i would be up in the sky forever. Ok…so, here’s my wishlist:

  1. I (desperately) wish I was more organized with my work, my life and every other thing that can be organized.
  2. I wish I could travel more often, to far off, exotic places and lose myself in the beauty of nature.
  3. I wish I could control my temper and think before blowing my top.
  4. I wish I could be a better mother. I don’t know why, I often feel that I could do much more for my son than I do now. I know he loves me for who I am, yet I always have this feeling at the back of my mind that I am not doing enough.
  5. I wish I don’t think too much before I undertake something new. Most often I think so much about what might happen, imagining situations that I end up not plunging head-on. That again, is my nature I guess and need to work a lot on this one.
  6. I wish I could read more often. I love to read and was once a voracious reader. But with time that part of me has somehow disappeared. I keep trying to get it back, but my efforts are unfortunately inconsistent. live-your-dream
  7. I wish I took care of myself, my health better. I am quite careless on that front. This is one thing my husband and I keep arguing a lot about.
  8. I wish I could do more for my parents, give back to them at least a fraction of what i have got from them. But circumstances don’t allow for that and sometimes I worry that this might remain a wish forever.
  9. I wish I could pray everyday, be more attuned to the divine.

I never knew I had so much in my mind until I sat down to think and write. Which is why I love to write; it allows you to hear your inner voice and transform them to words so that you can look it up and know who you actually are.


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