Why Do I Write?

#Everyday Inspiration: Day 1:

Why do I write? Probably this should’ve been my first blog topic when I started blogging. But surprisingly, this idea never crossed my mind. What prompts me to write?

Ever since I learnt to read and write, I have always loved to make small notes on my diary. In fact, every new year, I would take a fresh diary, fill in my personal details and start off. But with time, somehow this habit was lost, maybe because I didn’t have enough time or perhaps my experiences weren’t inspiring enough to be written down. As I885830_10151504073566072_1619762252_o (2) entered college, I revived this habit, probably because I had time and new experiences, some good and many bad which I didn’t have anyone particular to share with. Those were the days when technology hadn’t touched our lives, so the only way to vent out feelings–anger, frustration, happiness, experiences– was through writing. And so at this point of my life, my diary was my friend, my partner in crime and most importantly, the guardian of myriad secrets. As I wrote, I could feel my anger cool, my tempers mellow and my frustrations submerge. And after several years, when I opened the same pages, I could once again relive those moments and compare to understand how I have changed and matured as a person.

Writing for me was to bring out my inner voice on paper. As the innermost feelings got expressed, a sense of relief dawned. I even have some of my old diaries back home and every time I go home for vacations, I open my cupboard, take out my diary and lose myself in a time long past. As years passed by, technology started entering every aspect of our existence. So, I started my first blog page on Blogpost, but never wrote like before.comments tab
blogging Somehow, it was easy to write with a pen rather then type them out, make folders and save them. Every now and then, I would resolve to get back to my table and write, but it never really materialized. Now, after several years, I have started blogging again, fresh, with a resolve to keep at it regularly. And as I write and shareblog post
, I get a sense of relief knowing there are many others like me who feel the same. When I post a blog and someone appreciates and comments, I feel my voice is being heard. That gives a motivation to write more, to reach out to more people.

I hope I continue to write, to inspire and reach out to more people.


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