Mothers are Beyond Competition

Ever since Kareena Kapoor Khan got pregnant, social media couldn’t stop giving every single little detail of her pregnancy. I’m sure many were interested, but then at some point it got so much that any reference of Kareena Kapoor made me want to skip the post– I didn’t want any more information. If that was not enough, things got worse after she delivered a baby boy. Gosh…I was really wondering why would we still be interested in every thing she does now from going out for dinner with hubby/friends to getting back to work quite early after delivery. I’m sure Kareena has someone to take care of the baby round the clock. She doesn’t have to spend sleepless nights tending to the little one if he doesn’t want to, an option that many of us moms don’t have.  Social media is portraying her as a modern woman who is defying all rules and decides what she wants to do and how. Well, that’s true. But how many of us have that option available? How many have the support system and the financial stability to go out to work after having a baby even if they want to; how many have the guts to defy social systems?

And recently Mira Rajput’s comments on working women went viral on social media. It surprises me as to why it should bother us so much. I’m sure every woman who goes to work after having a baby has had to face similar or worse comments from family members. neighbors, friends and so on. So, if Mira has something to say too, why should we give it the hype that it does not require?

The fact is, every mom who stays at home after a successful career because she has no support system back home confesses that it was her choice and the best one she ever made. But deep down, she too has those moments of weakness when she misses hSAHMer corporate days– fun with colleagues, team outings, tea/chat breaks and so on. And why, there’s nothing wrong about that.She secretly desires for someone to wave the magical wand so that those days come back again. Does that mean that she is a hypocrite? No–It just goes on to prove that she’s human too. A working mom on the other hand gets the best of both worlds and many a times SAHMs are jealous of her. She too feels guilty at times when she sees SAHMs spending more time with kids, helping them with school projects, available for all school activities. So now, is she a hypocrite? Again no. She’s a human too.

We are living at a time when every morning we need social media to remind us what wonderful mothers we are and that our children love us whether we spend sometime or the entire day with them. And every time we read these messages, we are satisfied as if someone is patting us on our backs for the amazing work we are doing.But the question is, why do we need these reminders? Did anyone tell our mothers that they are doing a great job of raising us? Many of our mothers were working too but there was no competition between them aworking momnd those at home; in fact it never bothered them. Maybe because there was no social networking back then to evaluate and classify people. Nobody to bring out surveys and statistics and conduct workshops.But weren’t they happy? Today we may have everything at a click of a button; wish we could buy contentment too with a single click and swipe.

Let’s stop worrying about unnecessary things. What is more important is the way we raise our kids–the way we were raised, steeped in values and human qualities. Whether we are working or not is a minuscule issue when compared to what we pass on to the next generation. Let’s teach them to spread love, avoiValuesd discrimination, respect others’ feelings, eat healthy and use technology positively. The results will be out in the next two decades when the seeds of our hard work will be displayed.Until then, lets keep away from any kind of news that are meant to distract us from reality and are intended only to increase readership and TRPs


2 thoughts on “Mothers are Beyond Competition

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  1. Totally agree with what you say …. Moms are human and feel regret after giving up a successful career but it’s their choice ..sometimes out of compulsion …. the best for their kids. Whether a working mom or stay at home mom ..what matters is the love , care and attention given to the kids…..


  2. Very well articulated. Moms have to believe in their decisions and move ahead with that. Each one makes this choice depending on what is their family priority. So I think we all need to respect the choices made. Eventually all parents want the best for their child/children.


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